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When we think of a Parisian apartment, we imagine a classic space with high ceilings, large French windows, oak floors in herringbone and plaster details on the walls and ceiling. It is expected that such spaces are themselves the most ideal decoration canvas, without much effort. However, what makes every Parisian apartment stand out, as there are few lucky ones living in an Haussmaniann architecture apartment, is the unpretentious style, known as Parisian Chic. This style looks simplistic but at the same time, luxurious and can be adapted to any space.


Tip 1: Highlight your space

Each apartment, whatever its architectural features, has its own charm and interesting elements that should be highlighted. Just like in fashion we try to wear the clothes that flatter us, likewise in the interior architecture we use the layout of the space, the natural lighting that it accepts and its special features, as a starting point to give fresh air of decoration. Preserve the existing materials of the space and combine them with iconic design objects and antique furniture, which create a special and eclectic space. If you want to increase natural light, use an antique mirror that will become the centerpiece of the space and make it look bigger.


Photo by NOTUS Architects Archive

Tip 2: Mix & Match

Different styles dominate harmoniously in Parisian apartments. In other words, the eclectic approach applies a lot! To achieve this, try to gather things that apparently should not be together. For example, combine classic paintings with modern posters. The same could happen with lighting fixtures or furniture. Even if you don’t have an armchair from your grandmother, you can find a plethora of vintage items on the internet to combine with your modern furniture. The historical reference is always interesting, but no one wants to live in a museum!

Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

Tip 3: Use a neutral color palette

In the apartments of Paris you will definitely see the extensive use of living materials, both in construction materials such as wood, stone and marble, but also in fabrics such as linen and natural fibers. These materials never go out of fashion and with their timeless elegance, they give extra value, where they are applied.

If you want to refresh your space, paint the walls in shades of white and complete the color palette with shades of light beige, mint and gray on details, which will warm the space. Add small color intensities to highlights or art objects.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Tip 4: It takes brains, not brawn

Just like an unpretentious and natural look in French fashion, Parisian apartments often appear over time due to a very simple recipe. The French “build” their wardrobe around some classic pieces. In the same spirit, they design their homes starting with a few basic items. The secret is to keep it simple. Combine different styles or time periods and let the memories and treasures you gained from travel shape the space instead of clinging to a specific interior style. The space will thus be formed over time and will acquire your own personal character.

Photo by Nadi Lindsay from Pexels

Tip 5: Use plants

A bouquet of flowers in the center of the dining room or on a console is the detail that will take off the French style. Place in a glass or porcelain vase, flowers of the same type or color as lily, peonies or whatever you prefer, to give an extra natural touch to the space. You do not need to try too hard to arrange them in space, as long as you emphasise on the size of the bouquet.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Bonus: The city of Light

Apartments in the City of Light often use impressive ceiling lights, such as crystal chandeliers, which highlight the great interior height. However, they are rarely used as unique light sources, as they coexist with other sources, such as floor and table lamps, sconces, candlesticks, etc. In this way they focus on creating a uniform lighting, which will be adapted during the day.

To create the right atmosphere in your home or space, add lighting sources in the corners of the space or in places you want to highlight, which, unlike central lighting, will flatter the space.


Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels


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