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Lately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we all experience a different daily life from the one we were used to. As the time we spend at home has increased significantly, we begin to notice details in our home or apartment that need improvement. So in addition to the obvious process of thorough cleaning and disinfection, we have thought of and noted a few simple steps that will help us enjoy our home more for the next period of incarceration and beyond.


Step 1: Create activity zones

This is a good time to make small changes to your furniture. Either because the thought was there before and you didn’t have the time, or because now you have to think about the activities of the whole family inside the house. Create, as much as possible, separate zones for each activity. For example, set the room where children will play or use the most secluded armchair for a few moments of relaxation or reading. It is very important that both individual activities such as teleworking and collective activities such as family meals can take place. Try moving furniture to get a better result. Small modifications can very often make a difference at no cost!


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Step 2: Organize closets and storage areas

In the last decade, home organization has been combined with interior design and this is natural, as organization and storage items are more stylish than ever. But before you arrange them at any place, make a list of the items you really need and those that could be recycled or donated. This process can be extended to other things such as clothes that are no longer worn, toys that are no longer in use, old magazines, etc. The more complete the process, the more spacious the house will look, but also these special items that you have chosen to keep will stand out.


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Step 3: Configure interior lighting

We believe that lighting can highlight a house or even degrade it if it is installed incorrectly. And since our space is given and we cannot intervene in natural light, artificial lighting undertakes to give a different atmosphere. A warm environment is synonymous with home, relaxation and good company. Rearrange existing floor or table lamps to better cover the activity zones you set up in the first step. Also, on the internet you can find a variety of economical lighting fixtures that, if you order them, they will be delivered to your door. Just remember to get a lamp with warm lighting and keep it in all the luminaires. For the evening atmosphere, keep the central ceiling lighting of the room off, especially in the living room, and instead place smaller lighting fixtures in strategic places, such as next to an armchair.


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Step 4: Get creative

Combine the daily routine of activities with a little creativity. For example, it is an opportunity to use the porcelain tableware for Sunday family food, combined with your favorite candlesticks. In addition, you can decorate the dining room and play with different textures on the towels, the tablecloth, etc. A similar daily activity is laying the bed. Let your imagination run wild and make combinations with the covers you already have, to refresh your bedroom and refresh yourself. It may seem like a waste of time, but renovating the spaces in which we move will help us feel more comfortable in our home.


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Step 5: Put plants

It is logical that at this time, the sense of time and season is different. However, spring is here and it is an opportunity to take advantage of it! Get seasonal indoor and outdoor plants online that will give color and vibrancy to the space. Some indoor plants, such as sansiveria and anthurium, also have the ability to clean the atmosphere by absorbing many toxic substances and improving our calmness and concentration. Aromatic plants could also be placed near the kitchen of the house and used at the same time during daily cooking.


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Bonus: Create an entrance area

Undoubtedly, the situations we experience are difficult and affect our way of life. However, this is not the first time in history that the global community has faced something similar, and this has led to the incorporation of design solutions into our homes that improve hygiene and a sense of cleanliness. Among them are the closed closets but also the use of light and smooth materials that are easy to clean. So based on today’s data, one could assume that creating a space at the entrance where we will store our clothes and shoes directly after entering the house will be necessary. There may even be a small washbasin for hand washing. In other words, something like a WC of foreigners enriched with storage. This new zone will be applicable to the situations we live in today, but it can be an obvious and necessary use for the future, even when all the difficulties have passed.


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For you, what are your own adjustments to optimize your home during quarantine? We would be glad if you sent your comments below!

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