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It seems that there are two camps of views out there – those of you / us who decorate for the holidays much earlier and with more enthusiasm, to have something to look forward to, to get daily doses of joy, etc, but also those of you / us who we are tired of the new everyday life and the festive decoration looks more like a hassle (and it certainly can be). That’s why we thought and recorded some ideas, easy and low-cost, which on the one hand will upgrade the atmosphere of the house, on the other hand, will raise the mood with the Christmas atmosphere.


Tip 1: Make your home smell like Christmas

Perhaps the strongest human sense and the one associated with memories and experiences, is the sense of smell. Starting with the smells of sweets that “shout” Christmas, you can create teas and drinks that contain cinnamon, orange or apple and will fill the space with festive scents. However, if cooking is not your strong point, scented candles can also give an explosion of Christmas happiness in the form of perfume! Choose scents such as ginger, sandalwood, cookies and spices that scent the house and relax the senses.

Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

Tip 2: Turn the lighting into a festive one

Surely you have already realised the importance of artificial lighting in the house whether it is direct or indirect. But the secret that will give more magic to the atmosphere of the house are the illuminated curtains that are none other than our well-known Christmas lights in a vertical surface arrangement. You can place them in front of windows and balcony doors or on a lighted wall surface, such as the hallway. We recommend warm white light as opposed to cold to create a warm, intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

Tip 3: Decorate the table in a natural way

The use of foliage and branches is one of our favorite ways to decorate the table or small corners. Take advantage of some of your walks and look for anything small or large in nature that will pique your interest. It could be leaves or pine cones, spruce branches or herbs that you would dry. Then use whatever you can find at home such as string, old ribbon and fruits like tangerines and pomegranates, and experiment with creating compositions. The logic is to use your imagination and get creative with what you have available.

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Tip 4: Choose the color palette that suits you

The holidays are often related to colors such as red and green. The intensity of these colors causes both warmth and calm. However, not everyone enjoys the same and they are definitely not the only options. Others prefer the white, Scandinavian shades and others the more saturated and dark tones. Everything is of course acceptable when they cause well-being and calm. Be inspired by the plants and fruits you found for your decoration and use different tones from the same palette. Dare to mix materials such as copper, bronze and silver that in combination with the glass or porcelain surfaces will give shine to your decoration.

Photo by Becky Fantham on Unsplash

Tip 5: Put on music

Music is not only a refreshing experience, but also unites and brings people together. He may not be involved in the decoration as it is, but hearing complements all the other senses for a holistic experience. It does not need to contain Christmas carols, you can create a playlist yourself or search for one ready-made on the internet and let it play in the background. You will be surprised by its beneficial results and the mood it will create for you.

Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels




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