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Do you like to be inspired by interior design projects around the world? Are you interested in seeing how famous personalities and non-celebrities have shaped their home? If so, then below we have 4 houses photographed from the artistic point of view of favorite photographers, that we singled out this week for their aesthetics and they will definitely make you inspire and dream.


Photographer Simon Watson captures the house of Jenna Lyons




The apartment belongs to fashion designer Jenna Lyons and we singled it out for the plethora of details in the materials and textures. Eclectic modernism is pervasive throughout the apartment and in every corner you find design elements that captivate you. Materials such as brass and marble are combined with a color palette that includes soft tones of gray for the walls and shades of pink and green for the furniture and objects. In the private areas of the bathroom and the room, the bold use of materials such as wood paneling on the walls of the room, the blue velvet headboard and the breccia capraia marble with its purple and green shades, continues. Every detail is there to give a character imposing but at the same time unpretentious. It is obvious that it impressed us! [Photos by Simon Watson.]


Photographer Nicole Franzen captures the house of Athena Calderone




The house where the author / designer spends the quarantine is a real sanctuary. Earthy shades and natural materials flood the space and even cover the roof. Basic ingredients here are the living materials such as wood and marble that acquire their own patina with the use and passage of time. Even plants participate in the design giving a relief image. However, this house impressed us more because of the restored furniture that the owner owned and they give their own character to the space. [Photos by Nicole Franzen.]


Photagrapher Jean-François Gaté captures a private Parisian Apartment




Our weakness in the Ottoman architecture of Paris is well known. Besides, we have mentioned it extensively here. So it was natural for this apartment to catch our eye because it very successfully combines classical architecture with modernism. Here you will see classic furniture such as Thonet chairs combined with modern lighting by Michael Anastassiades for Flos. The colors of green pastel and peach pink give a modern version and complement the materials of marble and wood. The mixture of different marbles in all places is what we singled out in this Parisian apartment. [Photos by Jean-François Gaté as shown in Vogue Living.]


Photographer Emily Andrews captures the house of Anne Hathaway




Last we left the bright and cozy house of actress Anne Hathaway which is for sale. Although the house follows modern lines, it has elements that refer to the French design such as the high windows, the perimeter cornices and the oak floors in herringbone. What stood out in this house is the natural light that enters through the horizontal windows at various points of the roof and floods the interior of the house. With just $ 3,495,000 it can become yours! [Photos by Emily Andrews for Sotheby’s.]


We hope you enjoyed this little inspirational selection and share with us in the comments which one you found most special.

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