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The French style is synonymous with elegance and authenticity and when it comes to home decor, the Parisians master classic and contemporary mix. On our recent trip at the capital of France, we had the chance to experience the Haussmannian architecture and since a New Year had just started, our resolution would be to incorporate more of their essential values to our projects.

Just like in fashion, Parisian Chic, French style is all about the effortless details that when combined together will look minimal but luxurious. So how do the French manage to put together interiors that exude elegance and flair?


They respect the history

Each apartment has its own interesting story and specific charm which needs to be respected. In a  Parisian home or space with gorgeous moldings and old parquet floor you could easily see modern items matched with iconic design items and antique furniture to create a space that is distinct and eclectic.


Apple Store (Champs-Elysees) in Paris, France (photo from our archive)

They combine juxtaposing style

Juxtaposing styles reign harmoniously in Parisian apartments. In other words, eclectic approach is much appreciated! To achieve that, try to assemble things that shouldn’t be together in the first place. For instance, match classic paintings with contemporary posters. Same thing could be with lighting fixtures or furnishings.


Gilles et Boissier via Thou Swell

They don’t try too hard

Just like an effortlessly French outfit, Parisian apartments often appear timeless because of a very simple formula. French build their wardrobe around a few classics. In the same vein, the French, design their homes starting with a few basic pieces. The key is to keep it simple. Combine different styles or time periods and allow your memories and treasures brought home from travels, to shape the space rather than sticking to any particular interior style.


Gilles et Boissier via YATZER

They use a subdued color palette and living materials

In Haussmannian apartments you will definitely see the extent use of living materials such as wood, stone, marble, linen and natural fibres. Those materials are the ones that never go out of fashion and with their timeless elegance they give a more intense value to their interiors.

The walls in most of the cases are painted white (that brings out the historic ornaments detail), the rest of the color palette concentrates of shades of pale beige, mint, and grey. If there would be some bright colors, they would most probably be an accent. 


Parisian apartment by Christina Cole and Co

They use art

French buy long-lasting pieces to decorate their spaces. This come with a general philosophy of building a sophisticated style that reflects the personality of the owner. From sculptural objects to framed paintings, art will marry the lifestyle and tastes of the home’s owners with the deeply nested historic narrative.


Photo by Dana Chels via This Is Glamorous


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