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Before reading further, it is important that you define precisely what you want to do in your home. A reform ranges from painting a door, to completely changing the layout. What kind of reform are you thinking? If it is a “face-lift” (paint, change the floor or some furniture) you have it much easier. If instead you want to do a major work, it is important that you read the following points carefully.

Next we will tell you what you should pay attention if you want to make a renovation at home and not go crazy in the attempt:


Tip No 1: Hire a good professional

Count on the help of a professional (architect, interior designer …) who gives you enough confidence to ask any questions, however small or absurd you think it is (in addition to, of course, designing the space with expertise). This point seems fundamental to us, and it is not self-pomp, word. It is clear that if you want to paint your walls, it is not necessary. But if you go further, you will save yourself many headaches.

Tip No 2: Define your budget

First of all, it is important that you make clear what your maximum budget is for the professional you work with to make a design that fits. From experience, it is the most effective way to work. We architects love to create wonderful spaces, with amazing materials, which are not always viable. Sincerity on both sides in such a delicate subject is essential.

Tip No 3: Define your needs

You may be clear about exactly what you want to do or that you are a little lost. It is time to work on it. Make a list that includes everything you want to reform and tell your architect. If you can’t describe it, a collection of images from the available internet tools (pinterest, instagram, etc.) would help. So you can start working on a first proposal and also check if everything you want is possible and fits your budget.

Tip No 4: Search for a well detailed project 

The more detail the plans have, the better the reform will come out. This is so. And when we talk about detail, we mean that everything that is going to be done must be reflected on the paper: what switch will be placed, how the skirting boards will be, the drawing of the floor in each of the rooms and a long etcetera. This point is essential if you do not want the construction company to be tempted to deceive you (which should not be normal, but in this world everything can happen…). This is what architects call the Detail Design or Construction Plans.

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

Tip No 5: Don’t forget paperwork or fees
Get a construction permit that is needed according to the renovation works that you will have. Be heavy with all the professionals who work by your side to make your work legal. Nobody likes bureaucracy or taxes (us included) but we assure you that it is not worth risking at this point. Don’t forget to pay all the corresponding fees either! (Yes, we know, it’s a roll…)

Tip No 6: Find a good contractor or technicians to work with you

We strongly recommend hiring a contractor during the design development phase (or earlier, if possible). Your contractor can provide valuable “pre-construction” services such as establishing a schedule, cost estimating/budget management, and generally allowing you to make educated decisions about quality of materials and products. Our recommendation is that you at least ask for three quotes: it will help you establish a range and it will be easier for you to choose. At this point it would be great to get advised by the professional who carried out the project, since his experience can be very useful when assessing the different offers. Also be guided by word of mouth and instinct: select who you trust most, both for the first impression (and the numbers, obviously) and for references from other people who have been satisfied with their work.

Tip No 7: Let the construction work begin!

Our best advice is that you don’t worry. Yes really. That’s why you’ve hired a professional: to take on all the stress for you. Focus on choosing materials that have been pending, to think about how you will decorate the new space, or just take a vacation! Any important questions will come to you, usually with a solution on the table. It is normal for unforeseen events, but you will have to take them as part of the game. Never like a stumble. Expert advice! 😉

Photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash


We hope that these brief tips help you to clarify part of your doubts as far as renovations are concerned. We know that it is just a review, and that you most likely have a thousand more questions. Take this opportunity and tell us what worries you, we will be happy to help you!

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